Meet The Team


Owner/ Coach/ Certified Personal Trainer


I was born and raised in Daphne,AL. My fitness journey started out as a hobby. Over time I aquired several different fitness certifications to do what I love. I earned my certification as a personal trainer, became the lead trainer of Delta Life Fitness, and ultimately became the owner of Kayotic Fitness. I firmly believe that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, so I extended my knowledge with a nutrition certification to give people the right tools to succeed here at Kayotic. Outside of the gym, I love spending time with my family, including my miniture dauchsand, Molly. I love college football, long Sunday morning runs, and a good glass of red wine.  


Lead Coach/ Certified Personal Trainer



I was born and raised in Mobile,AL. I worked under a Physical Therapist for 8 years, so a lot of my knowledge and passion includes, not only working out, but also the mechanics behind it.

I coach a kids agility class here at Kayotic because I believe in setting a solid foundation to build healthier habits in both fitness and their future lifestyle. In my free time I enjoy being active in the community and meeting new people. I’m an animal lover who loves bourbon and a bomb red lipstick. Also, ROLL TIDE.